Kuttikkanam – A beauty to behold

The wild of the high ranges at dusk


Kuttikkanam, the land of lush green tea plantation, lofty   peaks, and gushing streams, lies in the Peermade village of Idukki district, 3500 feet above the sea level. Clouds gently touch the peaks that flank the verdant slopes of Kuttikkanam. Indeed, the streams silvering down from the top hill peaks will fill your heart with warm feelings.

Acres of green meadows on which cattle grazes, an endless carpet of tea plantation, serene places where wind whispers, rocky patches, and nibbling waterfalls… indeed, Kuttikkanam defies description; it is an experience to take home rather than to be read about. Here what lies in store is the surprise of a lifetime!


       Kuttikkanam is a scenic locale surrounded by hills and blanketed in mist.  Peeru Hills, Parunthumpara, Thottapura, Thrisangu hills, Panchalimedu, Valanjanganam waterfalls, Nallathanni View Point, Artificial Pine Forest, Azhutha Diversion Project, and Kokkad Hills are some of the near-by scenic locales worth a visit.For those who want to explore Idukki district a little more, more exquisitely beautiful places await. An evening trip to the rolling hills of Wagamon is a treat to the eyes and a balm to the soul. A trip to Thekkady is likely to give one a glimpse of the wild elephants. Who knows, a prowling tigress might even pose for your camera in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Venture further to experience the panoramic hills and valleys of Munnar unfurl. At Kuttikkanam, the high-ranges of Kerala await in their splendor and glory.1Of meadows, hills, and blue skies – Wagamon


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